France-born, Berlin-based Kangding Ray (David Letellier) brings his training as an architect to his impeccable, inhabitable techno music. With the use of light and shadows, and different sound sources (instrumental and melodic loops, or digital, synth noises and anomalies), he can build rooms and textures through which we can travel as if they were actual buildings. Recently we saw them in EM15, Montreal, and we think his performance will fire expansive enthusiasm among our Mexican audience. His glitch-y, experimental pop anomalies have been released on authoritative imprints such as Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts. Two labels that have taken techno and experimental electronic music to almost scientific levels. In his most recent album, Solens Arc, Kangding Ray proved to be capable of creating that thing described as “pointillist serial loops morph into abrasive rave anthems, broken club rhythms are refitted into uneven patterns, like deconstructivist sound architectures”. Disquiet, tension and hypnosis are granted in the dancefloor for our next edition.

Live set Boiler Room