Country: United States
Program: FMCC 2
Style: Ambient, Drone, ElectroAcoustic avant-gardeeverything
Labels: Umor Rex, Thrill Jockey
MUTEKs: Première 

Links: Umor Rex
Thrill Jockey


Koen Holtkamp’s music is never quite what it seems. There are distinct textures, tones, structures, relationships, and references, his music exists simultaneously in large and small scales. His compositions weave autonomous worlds, between the historic efforts of Groupe de Recherche Musicales(GRM), New Age, and contemporary avant-garde practice, while sculpting their own worlds of sonic potential. Koen considers every instrument he uses carefully and pays specific attention to the environment, actual or digital. Koen Holtkamp is one-half Brooklyn based duo Mountains, has released a dozen of records between Mountains and solo-works, mostly in Thrill Jockey. His new solo album called “Voice Model” is released this autumn in the Mexican label Umor Rex.