The music made by M.E.S.H has been described as surreal, synthetic and, often, intentionally inscrutable, and, because of these characteristics, it has also been compared to the Janus party flyers, where M.E.S.H. was a resident all along with Lotic. Those nights became notorious by cultivating a sound born from the crosslinking of genres. The truth is that, during those nights, sonic experiments were held, and taken to the most radical of consequences. One of them was M.E.S.H., who had already caught the attention of listeners beyond the limits of Berlin with the release of Share The Blame, which included a remix of Arca’s “On My Body”. The work of M.E.S.H. also includes a remix for Fatima Al Qadiri, another one for Dan Bodan, music for several projects by contemporary artist Aleksandra Domanovic, and releases under labels such as Dyssembler, Black Ocean or PAN. M.E.S.H. visits us as part of the selection of emerging producers that Berlin Current wants us to listen to as a sample of the most exciting projects from the electronic music scene of the German capital.

Berlin Current