The thirteenth edition of MUTEK.MX was one the largest and most immersive in its history with over twenty programs in ten different locations around Mexico City. MUTEK.MX redesigned the experience of an electronic music festival with a proposal that touches on the different aspects of digital creativity by means of avant-garde music, technological innovation, dancing spaces, and contemplation; another side of it were its unforgettable performances and apps designed to experiment virtual reality.




Around 67 artists, 14 national and international creators, and more than 23,000 registered attendants (both local and from the whole globe) shared this unique experience. During six days, the festival showed the newest manifestations of digital technology. This year, MUTEK.MX distinguished itself for experiencing the 3D audio of INTORNO LABS, as well as the VR SALON; these were not just some showings, but rather practical experiences that shaped new lines in the recent history of audiovisual performances.




The successful acts of HIROAKI UMEDA, RICHIE HAWTIN, NICOLA CRUZ, HOLLY HERNDON, MURCOF, PEDER MANNERFELT, and THE FIELD set the standard for the next six days; the different spaces, atmospheres, and contexts were designed to broadcast sensations, rhythms, and euphoria. Every single event in the program served as the perfect vessel to present the most exciting sets of current national and international electronic music; these had an impact on what surely will inspire interaction further than contemplation. 




The MUSICMAKERS HACKLAB as well as the workshops, hardware and software presentations for musical production provided the tools, techniques, and collaboration of the different aspects of digital creativity. Without a single doubt, MUTEK.MX is a platform for the development of new ideas and conversations surrounding new technologies. The MUTEK experience reached new places thanks to its partnership with 12 institutions, 24 collaborators, 20 media partners, and 12 restaurants. 




The closing event, at the front terrace of MUSEO TAMAYO, evoked not only the open-space electronic picnics of MUTEK Montreal, but also acquired a new meaning in Mexico City, where food trucks, record selling, families, pets and a spirit of celebration gathered around; this reunion created an atmosphere of intense interaction between the attenders and the artists, making it one of the most emotive closing ceremonies in the history of the festival.

We are very excited about the outcome and the great response from both artists and festival goers. With this in mind, MUTEK.MX recharges batteries and starts planning for its next edition. So long!




The media says…

“MUTEK.MX offered a handful of meaningful musical moments” – RESIDENT ADVISOR
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“Considering the proliferation of festival culture in Mexico in recent years, MUTEK.MX continues to spearhead the local scene’s engagement with electronic music and digital technology in refreshing and comprehensive ways” – REMEZCLA
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“Once again, MUTEK.MX showed its power, one that reinforces the status of being one of the best festivals in the country, and the world” – FILTER
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“From workshops and conferences to concerts and parties… the festival has become a favorite in the City, and each year is getting better” – RBMA Radio
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“Without any doubt MUTEK Mexico surprised us again with a fine, careful and excellent selection of artists in the line up, causing us one particular feeling: to eagerly await for MUTEK Mexico 2017” – IR!
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“Great venue, excellent talent and a superlative sound system. Bravo #MUTEKCDMX” – IBERO 90.9
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“The FMCC 2 program created a coexistence that blurred the line between audience and artists, transforming the festival into an experience that everybody should live, at least once in a lifetime” – FILTER
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MUTEK.MX wants to deeply thank its partners, who have played a crucial role in the festival success, for supporting and sharing our vision and commitment with cultural innovation in Mexico:

HENNESSY Very Special, VANS, NISSAN, SAMSUNG, JCDecaux, Red Bull, Dos Equis, PROSOFT 3.0/Secretaría de Economía, Fondo Mixto de Promoción Turística de la CDMX, Año Dual Alemania-México 2016-2017, Ministerio Federal de Relaciones Exteriores de Alemania, Goethe-Institut Mexiko, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, AMEXCID,
Secretaría de Cultura, INBA, Secretaría de Cultura de la CDMX, Embajada de Suecia, Pro Helvetia, British Council, PRS for Music Foundation, Embajada de Francia en México, Institut Francais, Délégation générale du Québec Mexico.

Our Collaborators: 3RDEYE, Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos, Universidad de la Comunicación, Museo Tamayo, Papalote Museo del Niño, Centro, SAE, Festival Internacional Cervantino, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mayan Warrior Productions, Surface, CTM Berlín, Create Digital Music, Interspecifics, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Intorno, MXport, Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, ICAS Network, UMOR REX, Ensamble, Discos Mono, La Roma Records, Cocay, pac interactive, Elektron, Arturia.

Our Associated Media: Vice, The Creators Project, Thump, I-D, Marvin, Pijama Surf,, Warp Magazine, Travesías, Indie Rocks, Time Out México, Filter, GAS.TV, MXCity, Ibero 90.9, Radio UNAM, Resistencia Modulada, 192, Noiselab, Rockets, Otoño.

Our Tourism Partners: Comilona, Fonda Mayora, Casa Virginia, Delirio, Abarrotes Delirio, Rosetta, Azul Histórico, Azul Condesa, El Parnita, Conchita, La Ostra, Broka Bistrot, Campo Baja.