National and international artist from the MUTEK.MX programme, along with special guests, will take part in conferences, dialogue panels, workshops and special presentations open to all audiences

MUTEK_Lab is a platform that connects artists, audiences and promoters through a program designed for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in relax and open settings that aim to reinforce connection and collaboration between the local community and the international line up gathered around the festival. With this integral model, MUTEK.MX generates a global discourse that aims to erase the limits between local community and international guests.

Through conferences, dialogue panels, workshops and special presentations open to all audiences, MUTEK_Lab poses a space for exchange, exploration and discovery about creative and production process, by the hand of some of the most renowned national and international artist in the field of digital music and arts.

Expanded perception. Digital creation and other realities

In past editions, also in collaboration with Centro de Cultura Digital, and in alliance with the ICAS network (International Cities of Advanced Sound), MUTEK_Lab had The creative paradigm in the digital Mexico (2012) and Creativity and innovation in the public space (2013) as central themes. This year’s activities, in all of its formats, have as central subject Expanded perception. Digital creation and other realities. This way, MUTEK_Lab will explore how, with music and technology as a starting point, new languages and aesthetics are developing to detonate ambiances and narratives that alters our perception of space and time. Immersive, multimedia, interactive or hybrid pieces, performance and projects that allows us, for instants, to access other dimensions, sensations and forms of coexistence that confronts of modifies our representation of reality.  In the hands of innovative artist, this cross of aesthetics and art platforms enables new spaces for cohabit that challenges our daily rules and norms predetermined for social inertia.


MUTEK_Lab invites MUTEK.MX’s audience to submerge in the other dimension, the one of creative, production and technical process behind projects and art pieces that drives from the premise of Expanded perception. Digital creation and other realities. At the same time, through dialogue panels, we will revisit how this phenomenon has changed our way of listening electronic music.


• 16:00 to 20:00 h. [Workshop] – MAOTIK (FR): Touchdesigner
• 18:45 h.  MUTEK_Lab – Programme Presentation
• 19:00 h. [Conference-Live Session] – PEPE MOGT (MX): La4 440


• 12:00 to 13:30 h. [Workshop] – Sportbrigade Sparwasser: Digital Deejay: off the beaten track
• 16:00 to 20:00 h. [Workshop] – MAOTIK (FR): Touchdesigner
• 16:00 h. [PANEL 1] – Live Digital Music: Beyond Sound
• 18:00 h. [Conference-Live Session] – NONOTAK (JP/FR): From installation to audiovisual improvisation
• 19:00 h. [Conference-Live Session] – PATRIK LECHNER (AT): Audiovisual generative improvisation


• 16:00 to 20:00 h. [Workshop] – DEADBEAT (CA): The world as an instruments: applications of found sound in electronic music
• 16:00 h. [PANEL 2] – Electronic music labels: permanence and mutation
• 18:00 h. [Conference] – 1024 ARCHITECTURE (FR) presents CRISE


• 16:00 to 20:00 h. [Workshop] – DEADBEAT (CA): The world as an instruments: applications of found sound in electronic music
• 15:00 h. [PANEL 3] – Listening into the future.
• 18:00 – 21:00 h. [Special Presentation] – HEATSICK (UK) presents EXTENDED-PLAY


• 15:00 -19:00 h. [Workshop] – DORA BARTILOTTI (MX): Glitch & Video
• 16:00 h. [Special presentation] – M. Geddes Gengras
• 17:00 h MUTEK_Lab  Closing [Special Presentation] Lvis Mejía presentas Syntagma


WORKSHOPS MAOTIK (CA): Touchdesigner

Mathieu Le Sourd will show techniques to get the best from Touchdesigner, an advanced programming platform. The workshop will focus in 3D effects and video manipulation in real time.

DEADBEAT (CA): The world as an instrument: applications of found sound in electronic music

Practical workshop where Scott Monteith will share techniques to use field recordings as rhythmic, ambient or sound design elements in electronic music, using Ableton Live.

SPORTBRIGADE SPARWASSER (DE): Digital Deejay: off the beaten track 

Since 2001, this mixing duo has been the delight of european dance festivals and clubbing scene. The secret behind their long success comes from their total expertise in Tracktor DJ and Native Instruments (platforms they help develop) and years of record collecting and vinil use. In this workshop, they will share tips and techniques to join hardware and software for the  best results in deejay sessions.

DORA BARTILOTTI (MX): Glitch & Video

Practical and theoretic workshop that will explore the technical, creative and critic possibilities of corrupted and altered digital data, by forcing the error in steady and moving images.


PEPE MOGT (MX): La4 440

Mogt will explain the investigation and generation process of La4 440 Hz, a piece consisting of a sonic and composition trajectory of the last 40 years of electronic music. He will also show some of the machines he uses on live sets, some of them of his own design.

NONOTAK (JP/FR):  From installation to audiovisual improvisation

This project started by creating audiovisual interactive installations, and evolved into presenting live shows with improvisation and real time graphic generation at its core. In this conference, the Nonotak duo details two years of working with music and light to change our perception of our environments.

PATRIK LECHNER (AT): Audiovisual generative improvisation

Patrik will show the methods he uses to create and produce his live shows, where improvisation and real time data manipulation and creation are the main characteristics. With excerpts of his finished pieces, he will show the process of how he creates them, as if we are visiting him at his studio.

1024 Architecture (FR) presents the process behind Crise

Crise is the central piece of a trilogy completed by Euphorie and Recession, and its based in a feeling of despair and visual apocalipsis. To recreate this ambiance, the crew uses strange instruments, a stage with hundreds of card boxes and videomapping. In this talk 1024 ARCHITECTURE will detail the production of this project, its creative and technical process.


Live digital music: beyond sound

A critical look over of the recent history of the electronic live acts enhanced with visual and multimedia art expressions. From different points of views, we approach with a critical eye this tendency of artistic fusion. Is this symbiosis indispensable for the survival and relevancy of the electronic acts in live platforms? What differences are between the acts that decide to focus only on the sonic/musical aspect in front of the ones that go for the multimedia enhance? What part plays the audience in the demand of a visual setting for the digital music? How this relation between music and visuals has developed in the Mexican acts?

Electronic music labels: permanence and mutation

In the wide dance and digital produced music spectrum, the label record figure has maintained a healthy and solid force, facing the recent transformations in distribution platforms and the way we hear and consume recorded music. How this lables have achieved the equilibrium between physical releases and circulation on the virtual world? Where’s the difference between this record labels and the ones of other genres that struggle to keep publishing? What’s the part this labels play nowadays and how they are looking up to the future? This and further questions will be answered by a wide range of agents in the discographic world in the electronic music scene.

Listening into the future

Technological innovation has completely transformed the dynamic in the way we relate to music and listening. In this reunion we will analyze our capacity of focused listening and ability to hear deep sound pieces in an era where old and new listening rituals converge, and digital music act are bonded to the multimedia phenomenon. More than a discussion, this panel seeks to gather experiences and contrast postures and knowledge to enrich the aesthetic experience that detonates each time we press the Play button.


In this section, artist from the MUTEK.MX programme and special guest present their side-projects or special shows prepared for MUTEK_Lab.

Extended-play, by Heatsick (UK)

In an era where live electronic music acts seeks to expand the possibilities of their live act through digital visual enhancements, Heatsick proposes to transform this experience with other methods in his Extended-play project. In this three hour long live shows, Steve Warwick brings into play other senses with special lighting and the use of a wide range of tools: cocktails, perfumes, hula hoops and what not. The goal is to influence in the human experience at the dancefloor in a philosophical and playful way or, in Steve’s own words: “to give a cognitive massage with dance music”.

M. Geddes Gengras (US)

The music from this experimental artists, of ambient and abstract sounds, is generated with synthesizers, modulars and other hardware. His work has been described “as if nanomachines builded fractal architecture to tear it down in seconds”. In this special presentation, prior to his live show at NOCTURNO 2 programme, Geddes will give a live patching concert, so the audience could experiment the composition process in real time as the sound piece is constructed.

Syntagma, by Lvis Mejía (MX)

Syntagma means a compound made up of contradictions, though a coherent conglomerate is the end result of practice. In linguistic terms is the sequence of words in a particular syntactic relationship to one another; a construction in discontinuity. Since the “opposed musical components” determine the dynamic and disruptive development of the performance, the continuity in its pure sense of discontinuity, creates and defines the essence of the happening.. This work uses music as an analogy to language in the broadest sense. Both, because of the linear character generate a concatenation of different single elements that represent diverse type of music styles like: Electronica, Experimental, Classic and Jazz among others, ending in a well set and concrete instance. The performance aims to create a happening itself, a time based rupture in the space through the distinct atmospheres that situates an evoked cinematic world.