Daniel Lopatin is often referred to as one of the key figures in the development of vapourwave, that genre in which many have wanted to see a sort of punk for post-Internet generations, which aims to question consumerism, the eighties and new-age music. In his multiple individual and coauthored projects (KGB MAN, Ford & Lopatin, Total System Point Never, Dania Shapes, Infinity Window…), Lopatin explored the possibilities of sound to build landscapes ––always loaded with analog equipment that seems taken out of a technological nightmare. With Oneohtrix Point Never, he has taken the aural experience of his long-time followers to new territories where they can reflect upon the dark, murky side of new technologies. This project works as a soundtrack which propels our awareness of the strange familiarity we have included in our lives through the use of computers. Three years ago, OPN started to collaborate with visual artist Nate Boyce, who adds his surreal exploration of sculpture in digital environments to construct an immersive, poetic resonant performance.

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