Two guys spoiled by the Mexican public comprise Pachanga Boys: the German Superpitcher and the Mexican Rebolledo. Superpitcher was one of the producers that contributed to the melodic, almost romantic electronic aura of Kompakt and the new levels of techno pop that they explored, and Rebolledo became known as one of the most ludic producers at Comeme, the label of Chilean Matias Aguayo, with tracks such as “Guerrero” or “Pitaya Frenesi”. Almost five years ago, they decided to put together the refined hearing of the German and the overflowing creativity of the Mexican to create a duo that is as fun on a live DJ set, as it is during the creation of their own tracks; those that have appeared under their label Hippie Dance (with which they say they are trying to make the world a better place) and become favorites of several DJ’s. Their only album up until now, We Are Really Sorry, has been referred to as a “psychedelic western disco audio book”.