Anyone who has followed Pantha Du Prince’s (Hendrik Weber) latest works knows he cultivates an attraction towards the sound of bells. Black Noise’s atmospheres were rendered less oppressive, or perhaps less melancholy, thanks to the bells that tinkled here and there within the songs. Their apparitions seemed to be absolutely balanced with the depth and detail, and with the lure to dance of the formidable techno he constructs. Since The Bliss, from 2007, they already showed the glimpses of those rhythmic explorations that move in darkness. And in 2010 he would fully show the world that his interest in bells went beyond a passing fancy or an ornament to his songs: he made this clear through an album co-authored with Norwegian musicians The Bell Laboratory, an ensemble that had already gathered fame in European concert-halls for bringing with them a 50-bell bronze carillon that weighs approximately three tons. When he heard them, Weber was astounded and managed to transport one of the carillons from Denmark to Germany, in order to work on the themes that would later comprise his Elements of Light. This album, without ever losing touch with Pantha’s particular approach to sound, could also be placed near Steve Reich, Terry Riley or La Monte Young’s atmospheres. For this year’s edition, Pantha Du Prince comes in company of The Bell Laboratory. His concert is one of the festival’s highlights that will transcend its territories and reverberate, surely, within its audience’s dreams.

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory in images
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