At this stage, there must be few who ignore that Pepe Mogt is one of the makers –along with Ramón Amezcua (Bostich), P.G. Beas (Hiperboreal), and Fernando Corona (Terrestre), among many other characters from the northeast of Mexico– behind the sound and concept of NORTEC. Through several of his facets: Latinsizer, Fussible, his audiovisual essays or his recent collaborative project with Bostich, we’ve seen Pepe mutate his sonorous personality and his technical and aesthetic interests. Since 2007 we’ve witnessed (through his Youtube channel) his vast collection of drum machines and analogue synths (Korg Rhythm 55 Analog Drum Machine, 1978 Korg MS-20, and Korg SQ-10), which feature again this year as previews to his new experiment: La4 Cuatro Cuarenta. But it will be in our edition when we’ll finally see him in action with this project, which alludes to the sound frequency (440 Hz) that is used as tuning reference both for acoustic instruments and electronic synthesizers. In La4 Cuatro Cuarenta we will watch Pepe Mogt taking a stroll through the last four decades’ composition techniques through modular synthesizers and other emblematic machines of the history of electronic music.

1978 Korg MS-20 + SQ-10 and Time Factor Eventide