Experimentation that’s germinating

Experimentation that’s germinating

Reconnect with the inspirational avant-garde sound from 2003 to 2008

On the cusp of beginning a new chapter for MUTEK MX with the preparations well underway for Edition 16, we’re still inspired by the energy emanating from these past 15 years. With that in mind, let’s review and share the sonic legacy of these past years in Mexico with a series of playlists that highlight historical lineups from three epochs of the festival.

In this first playlist, MUTEK MX 2003-2008, we revisit some of the projects and artists first presented in these early years who would go on to become icons of the MUTEK spirit by creating experiences that left a mark on the cultural life of the city and on the way audiences experience digital art. This selection of recordings, beginning with the haunting serenity of Tim Hecker and closing with Bytone’s abrasive beats, hides flashbacks to some of the best moments of the MUTEK MX’s early years: Monolake at the UNAM Sculpture Garden, Tujiko Noriko at the Fru-Frú Theater, Flying Lotus at the Covadonga… and reconnects us with the path blazed by the Frente Nacional during the entirety of MUTEK Mexico’s earliest epoch. Are you ready?

At more than five hours playtime, this playlist will refresh your memory of ambient, minimal, IDM, clicks & cuts, and the many techno and house mutations that emerged during the second half of the 2000s.

MUTEK MX 2003-2008: Alva Noto, Andy Vaz, Anja Schneider, Antiguo Autómata Mexicano, Apparat, Bendhel, Biosphere, Bostich, Byetone, Cabanne, Circlesquare, Crackhaus, Cubenx, Chic Miniature, Childs, Danieto, Deadbeat, Duopandamix, Egg, Emisor, Fax, Flying Lotus, Fussible, Gustavo Lamas, Jackson and His Computer Band, Jan Jelinek, Jimmy Edgar, John Tejada, Kangding Ray, Kode9, Krikor, Leandro Fresco, Lego, Lucien-N-Lucian, Lumen Lab, Manrico Montero , Marc Houle, Mario de Vega, Mathew Jonson, Matías Aguayo, Matthew Dear, Métrika, Mikael Stavöstrand, Monolake, Murcof, Ozy, Panóptica, Pantha Du Prince, Pier Bucci, Pole, Radian, Robag Wruhme, Robin Guthrie, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Schneider TM, skoltz_kolgen, Spectrum, Telefon Tel Aviv, Terrestre, Tim Exile, Tim Hecker, Troy Pierce, Tujiko Noriko, Ulrich Schnauss, Zofa …