Roman Flügel is usually mentioned among the fundamental names of the German electronic scene, and with good reason: besides editing a vast range of singles (i.e. electro, techno, house, ambient, IDM) under his several solo aliases (Acid Test, Roman IV, Solyent Green…), he contributed in the creation of label Ongaku/Klang Elektronik/Playhouse along with his adventure-accomplice Jörn Elling Wuttke. His several aliases have served him well to express his chameleonic personality for four years, including one for remixing Primal Scream and another for remixing The Human League. Today, however, Flügel signs his own name in order to connect back to his house and techno roots and take them to untrodden territories, which have found an outlet through German label Dial. His music –including his DJ sets, because he too has grown a solid reputation behind the decks– is characterized by always being interweaved and rich in subtleties. About his most recent production, Happiness Is Happening, Gerd Janson has said that it is one of those dance electronic music albums which establish that an album can be more than a vague collection of singles or a mere exercise in style. “It can be, after all, a work of art, and comparable with any successful composer or singer, only without lyrics”. Be it a DJ set or a live act, Flügel guarantees eclecticism and coherence in a dancefloor that happily yields to him.