SIETECATORCEThe year 2013 saw the rising of Marco Polo Gutierrez thanks to the spread of fame that Siete Catorce, one of his many projects, got to have. Very few remained outside the influx of his polished dance-snippets that unforgettable northern-Mexican night. His sound is deeply rooted in the all-night birthday and quinceañera parties among relatives that marked his childhood—the hours and hours of cumbia, dubstep, techno and tribal (recently reasserted by his collaboration with Erick Rincón). But it has evolved into a pristine, authentic voice capable indeed of grabbing hold of an entire dancefloor and never let go. If he whimsically comes up with the idea of turning into Den5hion (his most experimental alias) while up on the decks, he can hypnotize hoards of people and take them through unknown corners of their minds. This Mexicali producer is one of the best and most exciting things that have happened to national electronic music in the last five years; he captures the essence of the times (as he did with his second EP released by N.A.A.F.I): dark and desolate, but open to every possibility.

Siete Catorce + Trillones