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MUTEK MX Recommends – November 12 – 17

MUTEK MX Recommends –  November 12 – 17


New remixes by Ouri and Aisha Devi. The Golden Age of art with AI.


In MUTEK MX Recommends you’ll find the most recent news, activities, and pieces from the artistic community that makes the festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year.


This is what will happen November 12 through 17th on the path to MUTEK MX Edition 16:


> Tour and new remix by Ouri

Last week Ouri announced a small tour in November, which will culminate with her presentation in Nocturne 2 in Edition 16, after events in Canada, the US, and Italy. The announcement was accompanied by the launch of a remix of a track by the Belgian producer Locked Groove as part of the extended edition of Sunset Service, which also includes remixes by Scuba and Alan Fitzpatrick, among other artists.

“Pudding” as remixed by Ouri is now available on all streaming platforms:


> The edition of remixes and alternate versions of S.L.F. by Aisha Devi has arrived

This Friday the complete collection of remixes and alternate versions of S.L,F., the most recent EP by Aisha Devi, was released, including 33EMYBW and Gabber Modus Operandi. She had already launched two singles as a teaser, Varg’s version of “I’m not always where my body is” and “The Favor of fire” a few days ago, remixed by Equiknoxx. Aisha Devi will present her most recent live set as part of Nocturne 1 in Edition 16.


> Recommended reading: Sougwen Chung and Refik Anadol, two of seven artists who are defining art with Artificial Intelligence

According to the website Interesting Engineering we are entering a Golden Age of art created through Artificial Intelligence. In this fascinating piece, which functions as an excellent introduction to the past and present of the relationship between creativity and technology, they listed seven international artists who are calling attention to this theme with their pieces, not just through the aesthetic result and their technical processes, but also through philosophy and controversy. Sougwen Chung, who is being presented as part of Nocturne 1 in Edition 16, leads the list, which also includes Refik Anadol, who will be presenting the installation Melting Memories during the two nights in Fábrica:

Edition 16: Sustainable Actions

Edition 16: Sustainable Actions


Rudistas, Circular and Plasti.CO: our allies for an environmentally responsible festival.


This year MUTEK MX will collaborate with platforms focused on reducing the environmental impact of large-scale events, promoting co-responsibility between the attendants and organizers. These are our environmental sustainability actions and the steps we’re taking towards being a sustainable festival in collaboration with our allies:


→ Rudistas will compensate the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions resulting from the festival’s activities by investing directly in farmer communities in the state of Querétaro.

Forests are the most powerful carbon capturing systems. By transforming land used for stockbreeding, aggressive agriculture, wood cutting or urban developments into Naturally Regenerating areas, we can contribute to the compensation of carbon emissions coming from urban areas. In order to decrease the impact of the festival’s activities, we collaborate with Rudistas, a platform in charge of measuring the festival’s carbon footprint, contributing to compensation through an endeavor that follows the NAMAS (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) protocol.

A percentage of your ticket will be used to compensate the carbon footprint caused by the festival, allowing Rudistas to work directly in farming communities and ranches of the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro in the transformation of their lands into naturally regenerating areas by providing technology, direct financing and implementation of sustainable practices that allow the local communities to profit from the land.


→ We will have Reusable Cups made with recycled plastic at Nocturne 1 and 2.

With reusable cups made by Circular we will fully eliminate the use of disposable glasses for drinks. You will have two options: being reimbursed for your reusable cup before the end of our Nocturne events (the cup has a price of $30 MXN) or keep it as a memory from MUTEK MX.


→ Together with Plasti.CO we will have optimal handling of our residue.

This platform will be in charge of checking our facilities and training of all of the festival’s staff to have the maximum reduction of disposable plastics and materials, thus having an optimal collection of residue and recycling as much as possible. If you are interested in knowing more practices to eliminate the use of plastics and having less garbage in your everyday life, Plasti.CO has great tips in their digital channels.


Decreasing our environmental impact is everyone’s responsibility. Thanks for enjoying MUTEK MX responsibly.

MUTEK MX Recommends – November 5-10

MUTEK MX Recommends –  November 5-10


Kelly Moran at the piano with FKA Twigs, new EP from Sebastian Mullaert, Joanie Lemercier at the Fjord Oslo Festival


In MUTEK MX Recommends you’ll find the most recent news, activities, and pieces from the artistic community that makes the festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year.


This is what’s happening November 5th through 10th on the path to MUTEK MX Edition 16:


> You can now listen in full to the new EP from Sebastian Mullaert.

Mr.Trip, as Sebastian Mullaert is fondly known at the label Siamese!, recently launched a new EP that confirms that his hypnotic, deep, and meditative style continues in full form for the dancefloor. Lighthouse 612 is now available for streaming and in physical formats, to get you into the groove before the six-hour set that Sebastian will offer alongside Dorisburg, Frank Wiedemann and Mathew Jonson as Circle Of Live.


> Before arriving in Mexico, Joanie Lemercier presents Constellations in Norway

For Joanie Lemercier, an artist who creates through light, the universe is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Many of his most iconic installations and immersive pieces are inspired by that which exists farthest from our planet, as is the case with Nebulae, the immersive piece that will be presented in MUTEK MX with music by Joshua Sabin, and with Constellations, the mega installation using light projected on water particles, which astonished the audience at Fjord Oslo Festival this weekend.

Constellations is a piece that fascinates not only for it’s impactful final result, but also because it’s only possible when realized at a large body of water. For this work, Joanie developed a light refraction mechanism across particles of water that gives shape to intangible structures in constant movement. this experience can be enjoyed again January 2020 in London, but before that we can enjoy the fraction of the universe that Joanie brings us at Domodigital of the Papalote Museo del Niño as part of the program of A/Visions 1.


> Watch Kelly Moran at the piano with FKA Twigs live on Jimmy Fallon

Before the release of Magdalene, available this Friday, FKA Twigs premiered a live version of “Cellophane”, the first single, on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The performance featured guests Lucinda Chua on cello and our dear Kelly Moran on piano. In this special participation we can see the sensibility of Kelly merge with the delicate emotional work of FKA Twigs in a ballad full of minimalist drama, a sweet pop teaser before her arrival at MUTEK MX to present her Grand Piano A/V in A/Visions 2, sharing the bill with Apparat and Pétra.

MUTEK MX Recommends – October 29 through November 3

MUTEK MX Recommends – October 29 through November 3


New music from Overmono and Maria W Horn. Sougwen Chung and Refik Anadol: Winners of the 2019 Lumen Prize.


In MUTEK MX Recommends you’ll find the most recent news, activities, and pieces from the community that makes the festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year.


This is what’s happening October 29 through November 3 on the path to MUTEK MX Edition 16:


> The winners of the 2019 Lumen coming to our 16th Edition:

One week ago the winners of the 2019 Lumen Prize were announced, and we’re proud to share that in Edition 16 you will be able to enjoy the incredible work of three of the winners: Refik Anadol, Sougwen Chung, and Cassie McQuater, frequent collaborator of Kelly Moran:

Refik Anadol: Winner of the Gold Award with Melting Memories, the installation that you will be able to enjoy in Fábrica on Friday, November 22, and Saturday, November 23. The Gold Award is the highest acknowledgement awarded each year, and recognizes the most innovative and impactful piece, independent of the category of the work.

Sougwen Chung: Winner of the Still Image Award with the performance piece Drawing Operations. Sougwen will present a new live A/V on Saturday, November 23 during Nocturne 2:

Cassie McQuater: Winner of the Moving Image Award with Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds, the video she created for the song of the same name, included in the magnificent Origin EP (Warp, 2019) of Kelly Moran. Cassie is also one of the visual collaborators for Grand Piano A/V, the performance by Kelly that we will enjoy on Sunday, November 24 at Auditorio BlackBerry:


> Epistasis by Maria W Horn is now available on vinyl and for streaming

A few days ago Maria W Horn launched her second album, Epistasis, through the label Hallow Ground. In this collection of four pieces originally composed for a live A/V multichannel that was premiered in 2018 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Maria W Horn extends her radical exploration in composition to mixing methods of the avant garde and a string section with electronic techniques and digital manipulation. Epistasis can be heard in its entirety on digital platforms and is available on vinyl. Remember that Maria W Horn is part of the lineup of Nocturne 2.


>  New album from Overmono. Listen to the first single.

After an intense start of the year as part of festivals in Europe and North America and two brilliant EP’s launched in 2018, the brothers Ed and Tim Russell (known and Tessela and Truss, respectively) have finally announced a new full length that will be released through their own label, Poly Kicks. We will be able to hear Poly011 in full on November 1, and in the meantime you can dance to the first track and get your ticket to see Overmono live in MUTEK MX in Nocturne 1.


> New mix from Aïsha Devi for Resident Advisor

“I produce a mix the way I would produce a live set, explicitly narrative and personal. I like to set up atmospheres, locations, characters, drama and a bit of a teaching too. A kind of a Greek tragedy“ says Aïsha Devi of this mix that is also the perfect teaser for her live set as part of the lineup of Nocturne 1.  Read the full interview here:


MUTEK MX Recommends – October 22 – 27

MUTEK MX Recommends – October 22-27


Sougwen Chung and Refik Anadol nominated for the 2019 Lumen Prize. Un rêve launches his record on vinyl.


In MUTEK MX Recommends, you’ll find all the news, up-and-coming activities, and pieces from the artistic community that make our festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year. 


This is what’s happening October 22 through 27th on the path to MUTEK MX Edition 16:


> Sougwen Chung and Refik Anadol: MUTEK MX talent nominated for the 2019  Lumen Prize

Two of the artists from Edition 16 who show the creative possibilities of machines and artificial intelligence, Sougwen Chung and Refik Anadol, may receive the 2019 Lumen Prize in their respective categories; the winners will be announced this Thursday, October 24th, at the Barbican Centre in London, and from MUTEK MX, we would bet on both taking the prize.

Last week Refik Anadol received the Lorenzo il Magnifico award at the Florence Biennial in recognition of his trajectory, and mega-installation Machine Hallucinations in ARTECHOUSE in NY continues receiving praise in the press. Refik is nominated in the Moving Image category for his installation Melting Memories, the very same work that forms part of the immersive experience of Nocturne 1 and 2 in Edition 16. The artists Cassie McQuarter, Anouk Kruithof, Clea T. Waite, Nicolas Sassoon, Ruini Shi, Patxi Araujo and Leonhard Müllner & Robin Klengel are also nominated in this category.

Sougwen Chung, for her part, and her piece Drawing Operations, compete in the category Still Image, which combines a variety of visuales pieces resulting from a process or performance linked with technology or digital tools. This year Sougwen has been part of the creative direction of vanguard festivals such as Grey Area Festival and Alpha-ville, while her processes of experimentation in fine arts, robotics, AI, and performance have continued to inspire in her participation in the 2019 Simposium of AI Now Institute and TED Mumbai. She received one of her most recept awards just days ago in Monaco, Italy, where she was named the Woman of the Year in the category of Art and Science 2019. The artists Stefan Gant, Nye Thompson, Max Colson, Eric Fong and Bang Geul Han are also nominated in the Still Image category. Sougwen will be presented in Nocturne 2.

The Lumen Prize, which has been awarded since 2012, is one of the most globally important recognitions of artists working at the meeting point of art and technology. In this year’s panel of judges are representatives of institutions such as Tate Modern, China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Goldsmith’s University.


> Un rêve’s new record now available on vinyl

Just one week before announcing Diego Vázquez aka Un rêve as part of the Third Wave of Artists of Edition 16, the vinyl version of Como árboles al cielo… encuentro (OTONO, VAA, Gravy Records, 2019), his new record, was presented as a special session in Teatro Lúcido, which also included an artist talk. Como árboles al cielo… encuentro marks a significant moment in the trajectory of Un rêve, mastered by Taylor Deupree, who has worked with musicians who have strongly influenced Diego’s work, from William Basinski to Ryuichi Sakamoto. We will be able to hear Como árboles al cielo… encuentro live in its entirety en Edition 16, and you will also be able to find the record in the racks of Fhauna during Nocturne 1 and 2.


>  Techno ready to burn: new track by Deadbeat with T.Raumschmiere.

After launching the beautiful and delicate Trinity Thirty (Constellation, 2019), a tribute to the band Cowboy Junkies with the artist and singer Fatima Camara, Deadbeat has fully immersed himself in a reintroduction with techno and beats ready for the club. There are the tracks from Jacks and slow dances EP (Visionquest Music, 2019) and, now, a new track with T.Raumschmiere for the compilation SOUVENIR#100 on Souvenir Music. The track “Masters of Disaster”, the name that  T.Raumschimere and Deadbeat have also signed to a couple of releases, strongly marks the hard rhythms that Deadbeat will bring to the floor of Nocturne 2 this Edition 16.

If you haven’t heard Trinity Thirty we definitely recommend it: it’s Deadbeat’s smoothest and most pop side, exploring downtempo, dreambeats, and for the first time… singing.  It’s a gem.


Extended Program: SKALAR and other activities have been added to the week of MUTEK MX Edition 16

Extended Program: SKALAR and other activities have been added to the week of MUTEK MX Edition 16

Learn how to take full advantage of your festival ticket.

New highlights for our Edition 16:

Collaboration has been one of the pillars of MUTEK MX throughout 16 years of history. Each year, cultural, academic and diplomatic institutions have joined management efforts with the festival in order to offer a diverse program for our audience through a range of locations, artists, and experiences. For our Edition 16 we are excited to present different alliances that enrich our programming this year and extend the circuit of possible activities for our attendants throughout the week of the festival: 

Noiselab & WHITEVoid present: SKALAR by Christopher Bauder & Kangding Ray  @ Frontón México


Thanks to Noiselab and WHITEVoid, Mexico City will have the international premiere of SKALAR after their debut and residency in Berlin. This mega-installation by the illumination artist Christopher Bauder and the music producer Kangding Ray will take over the space of Frontón México with a loop of multidimensional sound and vibrant drawings and light atmospheres. By combining a vast array of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights and a sophisticated multi-channel sound system, SKALAR reflects on the fundamental nature and essence of basic human emotions.


In a special alliance between MUTEK MX, Noiselab and WHITEVoid, SKALAR has been added to the activities that expand the experience for our festival attendants, with performances with preferential and guaranteed access included with your Passport or Early Bird ticket, as well as special discounts between November 18-24.


MUTEK MX→SKALAR: From November 18 through 24, present your ticket to MUTEK MX Edition 16 when buying your SKALAR ticket and a friend can enter for free. Tickets are available for purchase at the ticket counter in Frontón México. Valid with all types of tickets (Nocturne Pass, Passports, Early Bird, and Individuals). In addition to the 2×1 benefit, guests with Passport and Early Bird tickets will have a preferential and guaranteed access to SKALAR included in their MUTEK MX ticket.


SKALAR→MUTEK MX: Bring your SKALAR ticket to the counter of Fábrica on Friday November 22 or Saturday November 23, from the time we open doors until 22:30 hrs., and get a 15% discount on the purchase of an individual ticket or the Nocturne Pass at the day-of-show price.


MUTEK MX Passport and Early Bird: preferential and guaranteed access to SKALAR:

Bring your MUTEK MX ticket printed or as a pdf on your mobile phone in the preferred access lane on the date of the show. We recommend getting there at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time:

People with Early Bird Tickets: Wednesday, November 20, 21:00 h.

People with Passport: Thursday, November 21 21:00 h.

→ If, in addition to this event included in your MUTEK MX ticket, you want to return for another function of SKALAR the week of the 18th through 24th of November, present your MUTEK MX Edition 16 ticket at the SKALAR ticket booth to get a 2×1 deal for entry.


Noiselab & WHITEVoid
Since 2000, Noiselab has created diverse platforms to promote interactions and conversations between society, art, and culture, distinguishing themselves through the use of music as an element of cohesion. In addition to their digital platform and background as a label, Noiselab runs CDM_Fest and, in collaboration with WHITEVoid, the interactive design studio of artist Christopher Bauder, presents the Mexican premiere of SKALAR.

Brian Eno presents Condensor @ Nocturne 1 and 2 

In collaboration with FF projects


Eno is considered an icon of contemporary international culture. During the last forty years; the British artists has not only been fundamentally influential in the music scene, but has also caught the attention of critics and curators as an experimental and innovative multimedia artist. Condensor is an immersive piece that pushes the boundaries of contemplative experiences: a ‘painting’ capable of generating infinite combinations of ‘colorscapes’ accompanied by an audio piece composed as Generative Music, a concept developed by Eno, in which compositions change once they have been played, as all systems behind said compositions introduce a type of randomness. Thus, Condensor has become a different aesthetic experience for each audience that has come across this piece.



Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club (UK) present Aether @ Nocturne 1 y 2 

Presented by Adidas 

Electronic music producer and visual artist Max Cooper and the studio Architecture Social Club combine to form one of the most fascinating pairings in the world of contemporary digital art. Their immersive installation Aether functions as an emotional instrument, telling stories through an audiovisual map of abstract forms. After sweeping through Lumiere Festival 2018, one of the most important events in the world for artists working with light, Aether will have its Latin American debut in Edition 16.

MUTEK MX Recommends – October 15th to 20th

MUTEK MX Recommends – October 15th to 20th


Lineup Edition 16: Only new releases + our CDMX best events picks.


In MUTEK MX Recommends, you’ll find all the news, up-and-coming activities, and pieces from the artistic community that make our festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year. 


This is the road to MUTEK MX Edition 16 from October 15th to 20th:


> “Attunement For A Thunderstorm“ by Sol Oosel. From En allégeance à l’inconnaissable – Une étude en chorégraphie pour le flux d’énergie. Full album release date: Octubre 24 through Umor Rex

Sool Oosel plays Nocturne 2.

Aunis, Pétra’s debut album via Injazero Records.

Pétra plays Nocturne 2.

>  “I’m Not Always Wher My Body Is“ by Aïsha Devi,  Varg’s Remix

Aïsha Devi plays Nocturne 1.

DJ Lag & Okzharp Mix for TANK Magazine

DJ Lag plays Nocturne 2.

Kelly Moran Mix for The Wire Magazine

Kelly Moran presents Grand Piano A/V at A/Visions 2.



AGENDA  | MUTEK Recommends

Explore CDMX through sound and digital art.


16/10 – PétraAunis Record Release Party @ Yu Yu 

+ Ambient set by Nico aka White Visitation. 

Versalles 94, Juárez. 

Cover: $50. 


18/10 – Vatican Shadow @ Yu Yu

With Ñaka Ñaka, xWolfx and Muk 

Versalles 94, Juárez. 

Cover: $350.


18/10 – HERTZflimmern: German Mexican Electronic Night @ Foro Normandie

With Electric Indigo, resom, Perfect Lovers, Mascha and Ena Lind. 

López 15, Centro Histórico.

Cover: $200. 


18/10 – Minais B @ Bucareli 69

With Amanda Cyu.

Bucareli 69, Centro Histórico.

Cover: $100 and $250.

MUTEK MX Recommends – October 8 – 13

MUTEK MX Recommends – October 8-13


New music from Maria W Horn and Sol Oosel, DJ Lag in Boiler Room. The return of Varg to CDMX and technology in Abierto Mexicano de Diseño.


In MUTEK MX Recommends, you’ll find all the news, up-and-coming activities, and pieces from the artistic community that make our festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year. 


This is what’s happening between October 8-13 on the road to MUTEK MX Edition 16:


DJ Lag from the home of gqom: Clermont, South Africa

DJ Lag is having a moment: Uhuru (Good Enuff, 2019), the album that pays tribute to the club that he forged, has gained wide acceptance in the mainstream while the tracks warm the dancefloors of underground clubs and forward thinking festivals the world over. As the perfect appetizer before his arrival at MUTEK MX, his most recent Boiler Room session is now available: an hour of pure Clermont-style party from Durban, South Africa, the city that launched gqom and uThayela, genres that DJ Lag has raised to a global level:

Don’t miss his Mexican debut in Nocturne 2, Saturday November 23.

>  This is how Sol Oosel will sound in Edition 16

The presentation of Sol Oosel as part of Edition 16 also marks the new sonic journey of the project, which starts with En allégeance à l’inconnaissable — Une étude en chorégraphie pour le flux d’énergie, a record with Umor Rex that will be performed live for the first time this November. Modular synths and drum machines are used by Sol Oosel as methods to explore mental states and unique ways to meditate and connect through sonic structures similar to those of ritualistic music. The premiere single, “Attunement for a Thunderstorm,” is out now along with a bonus track, a remix by James Place, Sol Oosel’s label mate and another part of the MUTEK MX Edition 16 lineup.

>  Listen to a preview of Maria W Horn’s new album

October 25th, Maria W Horn will release her full album Epistasis, the second album from the Swedish composer, founder of the label XKatedral, and part of the pro-drone collective Sthlm Drone Society. Epistasis will be released by Hallow Ground and you can now listen to the first single: a nearly 10 minute long piece that mixes the harmonic structures of early doom metal and processes based in Tintinnabuli, a style of composition inspired by the mystic experiences of Arvo Part with choral music. In the recording of Epistasis, Maria W Horn collaborated with close to nine instrumentalists, including violin, viola, violonchelo, guitar, and organ:

Maria W Horn will debut her live set in MUTEK MX Edition 16 during Nocturne 2. Tickets available.

>  Circle of Live: a new series dedicated to ambient and new tracks for XLR8

2019 has been an intense year for Sebastian Mullaert and the circuit of producers that have joined the Circle of Live platform, which never stops experimenting with other disciplines and formats, always based in improvisation. In the midst of their recent announcements is a new event series for Breakfast Club in Berlin, In Dreams, which uses the theme of the dance floor to raise the idea of collective improve through meditation, repose, and serenity, with ambient sessions lasting all night. Along with the launch of In Dreams, XLR8 presented their monthly compilation XLR8R+015, under the curation of Circle of Live with cuts from Mathew Johnson, Vril, Amp Fiddler & The Digitariansm and Sebastian Mullaert himself. Listen here:

El aclamado productor británico JAMIE LIDELL presentará su disco homónimo en la Ciudad de México

Jamie Lidell – You Naked (taken from self-titled album ‘Jamie Lidell’ out Feb 18/19) from Warp Records on Vimeo.

Texto: Ejival

Aclamado por la crítica internacional y abanderado del sello británico Warp Records, Jamie Lidell visitará por primera vez México para presentar su nuevo lanzamiento homónimo.

Han pasado más de seis años desde la primera vez que intentamos traer a México a este genio y productor británico. Por esto, nos complace anunciar que en este 2013 iniciaremos con el pie derecho nuestra saga de celebraciones de aniversario y que este evento será la perfecta ante-sala de la gran edición No. 14 de MUTEK en Montreal, que tendrá lugar del 29 de mayo al 2 de junio.

Si hay algún músico y visionario que represente innovación musical sin tener que sacrificar el alma y el corazón, ese artista tiene que ser Jamie Lidell.

En los últimos diez años Jamie Lidell ha transformado la planicie fría del funk electrónico de Super Collider (su agrupación con Cristian Vogel) a un proyecto personal que lo ha llevado a seguir explorando los caminos del soul y del funk. Y decimos personal, porque finalmente Jamie Lidell ha logrado que su personalidad y carisma triunfen por encima de la música, demostrando ser un artista capaz de seducir a las audiencias con sus intensas presentaciones. “Es Autechre y Prince al mismo tiempo”, dijo recientemente A.V. Club sobre su labor musical.

Jamie Lidell at RFH in 2004 from Ewarwoowar on Vimeo.

Es raro encontrar artistas de música electrónica que no terminen siendo dominados por los medios que utilizan, como esos productores que se esconden detrás de su laptop o aparatejos. Lo que viene Jamie Lidell a presentar es su pasión, su show y su capacidad para seducir con su increíble falsetto y energéticos modismos. Aparte viste como dandy y es increíblemente bien parecido. ¡Aprendan mancebos!

Pero esto no quiere decir que lo “tecnológico” pase a un segundo plano, al contrario. Siempre atento a las tendencias que propicia la vanguardia, Jamie Lidell utiliza la tecnología para amplificar sus gracias. Su más reciente disco para el influyente sello Warp, titulado simplemente Jamie Lidell, aprovecha este legado y logra una culminación de toda su carrera al colaborar con los visualistas y diseñadores Flat-E, quienes han desarrollado una plataforma de ilusiones ópticas y patrones visuales a base de mapeos y proyecciones digitales.

El reciente video de Jamie Lidell, para la canción ‘You Naked’, ejemplifica perfectamente este tandem de tecnología y performa. En donde Jamie Lidell es quien realmente brilla con esa elegancia que siempre le ha caracterizado, y en donde las explosiones de color a su alrededor amplían su campo de batalla. Es esta misma colaboración visual con Flat-E la que Jamie Lidell trae a México.

Beck’s Record Club ft. Jamie Lidell from Jamie Lidell on Vimeo.

A lo largo de su carrera, Jamie Lidell ha colaborado con Feist, Simian Mobile Disco, Beck y Grizzly Bear. Y esta experiencia de vida la matiza totalmente en su nuevo disco, que está recibiendo excelentes reseñas por doquier, sobre todo porque marca el regreso de Jamie Lidell a la música electrónica. Si sus anteriores dos producciones se caracterizaron por ser fieles a la forma del funk y soul que tanto lo informa e influye, Jamie Lidell aprovecha ese entusiasmo y lo aplica a sus raíces con Super Collider. Pero el efecto y resultado es estremecedor, aliándose de esa frescura de ritmos actuales, que van desde el bass, pasando por el disco y el freestyle, y que concluyen en el mejor disco que Jamie Lidell ha producido en su carrera.

Es lo fascinante de un artista como Jamie Lidell, que logra siempre darle una vuelta a eso que piensas que ya no tiene vitalidad y que termina como un manifiesto de expresión en pos del funk y del soul, siempre relevante y casualmente divertido.

La cita es el próximo 23 de mayo en el Auditorio Blackberry de la Ciudad de México. Otras sorpresas serán anunciadas en las próximas semanas para esta noche que no te puedes perder.

Los boletos estarán disponibles a través del sistema Ticketmaster a partir de el viernes 22 de febrero a un precio excepcional.