Due to the temporary suspension of Foro Normandie, both PLAY 1 and PLAY 2 will take place at the Casino Metropolitano, located in Tacuba 15, Colonia Centro. We hope this does not cause any inconveniences and we can have a great time at this new venue.

Also, Powell, who was scheduled for PLAY 2, has cancelled his presentation at our 23th edition of MUTEK.MX due to personal reasons. He shared the following statement via his agents:

“We’re sorry to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control Powell is unable to perform at this year’s edition of MUTEK.MX. Powell’s team would like to extend their gratitude to the festival directors and staff for their time and effort spent. Powell shares the disappointment of fans for his cancellation and he (Oscar) is grateful for the MUTEK Festival organization’s support, as the team tried to keep this concert as scheduled to the best of their ability”, Powell Management (FIRST & LAST – SUREFIRE).

Due to this, we are glad to announce that Russian artist Philipp Gorbachev will come into our ranks as for PLAY 2.


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This year we are broadening the contents of DIGI_LAB, the revamped educative and professional program from MUTEK.MX. Workshops, panels, project presentations, instrument demos, and the debut from a local project specially made straight from our MUTEK Montreal offices: VR SALON.

Thanks to VANS and SAMSUNG GEAR VR, these free workshops consist of intimate sessions of 10 to 12 participants to get the most out of the interaction between guests and relevant worldwide and local creators of digital arts. Most of these events require some basic knowledge of English. Everyone interested must apply. Here is the schedule and the registration links:

Wednesday 19

16 H: Animation on the VR world by Mate Steinforth
16 H: Arturia Synthesizers
19 H: Cinematic VR by IN VR
20 H: Elektron Synthesizers

Thursday 20

16 H: VR as medium: Why you should forget everything you know about working with VR by André Lauzon
16 H: Elektron Synthesizers
19 H: VR as a business model by Grupo MUV
20 H: Arturia Synthesizers

Friday 21

16 H: Degrees of Immersion (Requisite: Basic VR knowledge) by IN VR
16 H: Arturia Synthesizers
19 H: VR: art and representation by INTUS

Saturday 22

10 H: VR Production by Simon Wilkinson

A long workshop in which English artist known as CIRCA69 provides a stepping stone to create one’s own VR experiences.
Requisites: English / Laptop with the latest installed version of Unity unity3d.com

11 H: Mini Monster Noisemaker Part 1 – educative section by Neo-Zoología project

A sound circuit workshop dedicated to children made by artist Jordan Rangel; it thrives on making accessible to children the concepts, usage, and creation of noise with analogous electronics, allowing them to grasp the creative elements as contemporary artistic expressions.

Sunday 23

11 H: Mini Monster Noisemaker Part 2 – educative section by Neo-Zoología project

Futher information: