MUTEK.MX’s Edition 14 was a on innovation and resilience, where the team work, the unconditional support of our enthusiastic audience and the striking presentations from both national and international artists brought us some of the most memorable experiences in the festival’s history.

After the shocking earthquake of September 19, MUTEK.MX’s staff doubled the efforts to keep the festival running, while at the same time focusing part of its drive to support, within the organization’s reach, the victims of this natural disaster. This only strengthen the internal dynamics and, thanks to the support of some of the originally unveiled artists, we managed to synchronize the harmony shown during the different venues during this long and fruitful five days.

From the A/Visions programs—where Alva Noto came back to town to amaze us with one of his most intense performances—to the progressive meditations of Steve Hauschildt and the visual pyres of Max Cooper and Maotik, MUTEK.MX truly delivered a set of beautifully crafted precise experiences to an audience that embraced the transformation of the audiovisual language of digital creativity.

Perhaps one of musical milestones of our history was the presentation of the special program named Ambience at the Auditorio Blackberry, in which the veteran post-rave and electronic dub duo The Orb captivated the audience with an extensive aesthetic chill-out session. The Orb demonstrated that more than just the show and a precise technique, there is a warm-hearted side to their music and behind every idea and musical concept, there is a sort of amazement.

The new location for our Nocturne programs was one of the standouts of this edition: a refurbished steel factory in Tlapenantla de Baz was the place for one of the most spectacular nights in recent times. Fábrica became the perfect place to show how we attract the most exciting of national and international electronic music. Chloé, Kelly Lee Owens, Emptyset, No Light & /*pac, Mondragón, Elektro Guzzi, Leafar Legov and Nina Kraviz made up a very dynamic night that was looming all over the Friday night.

The second day elevated the sense to new heights with the headline presentation of Squarepusher, whose first time in our country made a permanent impression at every level. On this note, artificiel’s precision, the grandiloquence of Telefon Tel Aviv, and the dense atmospheres of LCC and Egroj allowed a set of layers of musical understanding to grow during this second session. Camila Fuchs mannerisms, the secret dance of Upgrayedd Smurphy, the finesse of Thomas Fehlmann, the overreaching rhythm of Kettenkarussell all gave way to the closing of this nightly adventure with the broad techno and house of Dark Sky.

The closing of the festival was a great communal celebration in the surroundings of Museo Tamayo, the perfect conclusion with presentations from a previously shared residence that culminated with the Translations Ensemble, the festive grooves of Chancha Vía Circuito, Klik & Frik, Equiknoxx and Magnanime. Every aspect of this edition was thoroughly danced off and was the perfect time to remember a week full of memorable activities that make their way for next year’s Edition 15. This will be the sum of a hard endeavor built on the clear basis of the role of music, technology, creativity and the transformation of our great city.

Text x Ejival
Photos x Óscar Villanueva, Feli Gutiérres and Mónica Garrido