Zombies In Miami is Caníbal and Janice’s brainchild from 2011. For three years they’ve been touring through Europe, United States and Mexico with their live act, sharing the stage with Michael Mayer, Ivan Smagghe, Thomas von Party, and Jennifer Cardini, among many others. Their music is a techno-rock hybrid which bestows their sound with dark, organic, deep, and snippety traits. Their live act is full of energy and improvisation, making each one of the experiences different and unique. Recently they made a remix for Coma, which was released on vinyl under German record label Kompakt. Their music has also figured in other celebrated labels like Matías Aguayo’s Cómeme, or Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant. Today they are working and conceptualizing on their new album, which will see the light at the end of next year.